​​​​​​​Like dominoes. Does the fall of political Islam extend to the source of Turkey?

The last period witnessed the fall of political Islam organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood, especially in the Middle East. from Egypt and Sudan to Tunisia and Morocco. Amid expectations that this fall will reach the main incubator of this current, which is Turkey. Why did political Islam fall? Is there a link between the fall in the Middle East and the rise in Central Asia?

The so-called Arab Spring and the revolutions that swept the region in 2011 constituted a valuable opportunity for political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, with direct support and guidance from Turkey and Qatar.

A report issued in Washington revealed an American plan that began in 2010 to change regimes in some Arab countries, including Bahrain. And the exclusion of Iran and support for the Muslim Brotherhood movement, as approved by Obama.

The documents show that the priority for change has been placed on countries led by Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, in a first stage, followed by Libya and Syria

The document stated that the means adopted by the Obama administration to implement the scheme, is the policy of covert support for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East since 2010. This is to change the internal policy in the targeted countries in favor of policy goals and interests specific to the national security of the United States.

The defeat of the Brotherhood in Egypt is the beginning of the fall of the Brotherhood in the Arab region

A year after the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Morsi, in the Egyptian presidential elections, following the people's revolution against the regime of Hosni Mubarak, public opinion turned against the Muslim Brotherhood.

A large segment of Egyptians rejected the group's control of ministerial portfolios and its attempt to monopolize state administration institutions by appointing its supporters to leadership positions. Millions took to the streets again in June 2013, this time to demand the "Overthrowing Brotherhood."

At the end of December 2013, when the Egyptian authorities designated the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization,” it seemed that the Egyptian Brotherhood’s star had begun to decline.

The actual fall of the Brotherhood in Egypt represented the loss of the international network, its central focal point in the Arab and Islamic world, and the fall of the group had an impact on the axis that was being formed, in which Qatar and Turkey were major players.

Collapsing project


In this context, Munir Adib, an expert on extremist movements and international terrorism, said: "The fall of the Brotherhood and political Islam movements in several countries in the region is due to the collapse of the political Islam project in the region."

Adib explained that "this collapse was not a political collapse, nor was it the collapse of parties that were wrestling in the political arena, and had affiliation with the Brotherhood, although this collapse was for these parties, but in the end the collapse is for the project of political Islam, and the collapse of these political parties that belong to the organizations of political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood movement expressed the downfall of the project.”

The repercussions will definitely affect Turkey, and Erdogan will give up the Brotherhood

The wounds of the Brotherhood and political Islam deepened, after the main supporter of them, Erdogan, sought to improve relations with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the West. These countries require Turkey to abandon supporting and harboring the leaders of the Brotherhood and the organizations aligned with it.

Despite the Turkish procrastination in implementing these conditions, there were reports of closing some channels that support the Brotherhood, and taking some measures that fall within this context.

Turning to Turkey's vulnerability to the fall of political Islam in the region, Adib felt that "it may soon happen in Turkey and will affect the AKP; Because the fall was not a political fall for the organizations of political Islam, it was a fall for the project. That is why all the organizations and groups of political Islam in all the countries of the region have fallen. As long as we're talking about a fall for the project, the collapse of this project will extend to the downfall of the parties that express it. "

He added: "Justice and development have fallen in Morocco, and it will fall in Turkey. Freedom and justice have fallen in Egypt, and Quezan (an adjective by the people of the Sudan to the Muslim Brotherhood and followers of political Islam) has fallen in the Sudan. Consequently, the fall of justice and development in Turkey is inevitable. And I think with time it's going to happen without any controversy. "


Turkish author and scholar Turgut Oğlu gave an in - depth reading about the internal situation in his country: " AKP is political Islam. it holds the same thought. In 20 years Erdoğan has supported the brothers significantly, especially in the last seven years. But now the Turkish strategy is that the Muslim Brotherhood must be abandoned, because Turkey's relationship with its neighbours in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates has been strained for almost seven years, because of this relationship between Turkey and the Brotherhood, and this is a major political crisis for Turkey. "

Turgut Oğlu added: "To resolve this crisis, relations with these countries must be improved, starting with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, until Damascus awaits reconciliation, but an important condition is to abandon the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has played a subversive role in the countries of the region with the support of Erdogan."

Erdogan is not trustworthy

he warned: "As I said, Erdogan is a man not trustworthy, and it is now possible that he will leave the Muslim Brotherhood and move against them. But a few years later, if the chance comes, he will move with them again, but now he is forced to leave the brothers. "

Turgut Oğlu noted that the fall of political Islam "will affect Turkey, because the Turkish government is affiliated with Islam politically, and there are strong relations between the AKP leadership and cadres on the one hand and the brothers. So far, famous Muslim Brotherhood leaders and cadres live in Turkey. "

He added: "The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and Morocco naturally affects Turkey, but it does not. How is that? Now Erdogan is seeking to start a new relationship with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries. He had to abandon the Muslim Brotherhood, and 10 years ago he was speaking as a Muslim successor. "

He explained, "Erdogan was talking about being the Caliph of the Muslims, in order to win over the personalities, journalists, cadres and leaders of political Islam in the region. But now Erdogan has deceived them all, and today Erdogan must act against the Muslim Brotherhood even inside Turkey."

"The AKP cadres all belong to political Islam," he asserted. "Finally, Erdogan has deceived the Brotherhood now. I ask what the Muslim Brotherhood thinks now about Erdogan."



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