Libyans rise up against Turkish incursion went out in mass rally

Thousands of Libyans went out in mass demonstrations in Benghazi and other Libyan cities, to denounce the Turkish interference in their country, which they described as "occupation."

The demonstrators raised slogans against the Turkish presence in Libya, banners of "Libya did not and will not bow to the Turkish regime", "No to Libya's sale of the Turkish system" and "Libya, the cemetery of the Ottoman Turkish invaders" and other slogans supporting the Libyan army.

These demonstrations came as a popular response to the visit of Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and Turkish Chief of Staff Yasar Gular to Tripoli and Misrata, during which they inspected Turkish forces there, as well as to the minister's provocative statements in which he talked about the survival of Turki in Libya forever.

The scene of the Turkish Minister of Defense meeting with his country's soldiers in Tripoli and Misrata without the presence of any Libyan official, and his coming out with statements in which he talked about "Turkish sovereignty and return after the ancestors' withdrawal and staying forever in Libya", was shocking and provocative for many Libyans, as the speech carried messages of defiance and threat clear to national sovereignty, as well as an arrogant tone, according to Libyan officials.



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