​​​​​​​Libyan specialist: Libya military scene changes, Turkey under major blow

The Libyan specialist Ahmed Ibrahim Amer said that the military scene in Libya has changed, contrary to what Erdogan expected with a major advance of the Libyan National Army. He  confirmed that 12 Turkish officers and hundreds of mercenaries were killed in Operation Ababil.

"Turkish support for Libya's militias has not begun with  the advance for liberating Tripoli in April last year', deputy editor-in-chief of the Arab Ahram and a specialist in the Libyan community, Ahmed Ibrahim Amer, told Hawar News Agency.

Amer stressed that Turkey and a Qatari coalition have financed and supported all "terrorist groups" in Benghazi and Derna since the beginning of the Libyan crisis. both sides fears began when the Libyan National Army was able to defeat those groups from eastern and southern Libya.

 Erdogan paid no attention to the international resolutions and supported the "militias"

 Amer noted that Erdogan began to declare his support for the "militias", flouting all Security Council resolutions, and passed through the Turkish parliament a suspicious illegal agreement between the Turkish government and the Libyan Accord Government made up of two parts, the first is the appointment of a maritime border that makes Turkey a foothold in the eastern Mediterranean and the second for joint military cooperation.

"Erdogan knows very well that this agreement is internationally rejected and is not equal to the ink written in it, so he resorted to direct military intervention by sending thousands of tons of equipment, tanks and military vehicles along with hundreds of drones and transporting thousands of Syrian mercenaries to stop the Libyan army from taking control of the capital Tripoli." 

More than 10,000 Syrian mercenaries in Libya

Amer continued: "Erdogan developed his military interventions in an attempt to change the military scene and took advantage of international pressure to stop the fighting between the two sides to confirm the Turkish presence, and continues to send Syrian fighters to the numbers of more than 10,000 Syrian mercenaries."

"There is a direct  support from the Turkish leadership for the Syrian militias and mercenaries, as well as Turkish air cover under the umbrella of Turkish air defense systems that Erdogan brought to Tripoli and his Egypt to attack a number of towns on the coast west of Tripoli, and then to try to storm the city of Tarhuna, south of Tripoli, and the Libyan Army Operations Command," he said.

Turkey coordinated with the Brotherhood against the military

Amer confirmed that Erdogan was coordinating with the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Tunisia to send armed aircraft directly into the Western border to support the "militias" to attack the important military air base Uqba Ibn Nafi, known as al-Wettiya air base for its military importance.

12 Turkish officers and hundreds of mercenaries were killed in Maitiqa

The libyan specialist pointed out that the big-headed Turkish Erdogan came out a statement on 3 May last year promising major military changes in the hope that the attack planned on 5 May success, but that the Libyan army began to carry out the air-military operation, which was launched by the Tayour Ababil, targeting Turkish arms depots and air defense platforms in Misrata with 18 sorties and 16 sorties that targeted Maitiqqa airport inside the Libyan capital Tripoli, killing more than 12 Turkish officers and hundreds of Syrian mercenaries.

The Libyan scene has changed in favor of the National Army

"Over the past three days, Libyan army forces have been able to advance in Tripoli's residential neighborhoods and defeat the militias that attacked al-Wettiya," said Ahmed Ibrahim Amer, deputy editor-in-chief of the Arab Al-Ahram, who specializes in Libyan affairs. The military landscape has changed, but not as Erdogan expected, but with a significant advance of the Libyan army forces, which is close to taking control of the entire Tripoli, which has prompted international missions to get out of Tripoli."

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