Libyan sources: clashes among "Accord " groups, reports of killing commander of "Lions of Tajoura"

Private Libyan sources revealed that violent clashes with medium and heavy weapons have occurred in the capital, Tripoli, since dawn today between armed groups affiliated with the Government of National Accord in the Tajoura region.

The sources told our agency that at least five people were killed and a number of wounded left in the clashes so far, indicating that "al-Daman" group is mobilizing amid hearing sounds of intense gunfire after the killing of a member of them at the hands of the "Lions of Tajoura" group.

According to the sources, the leader of the so-called "al-Daman" group killed the commander of the "Lions of Tajoura" group, known as "Nader al-Azraq" and his companion in the meeting that was held to cease fire and calm between them and in the presence of mediators.

The sources pointed out that the clashes moved to the missile camp, which is taken by "al-Daman" group as its headquarter.

The sources pointed out that the situation has become very dire and worrying, as the phones of passers-by are being searched, and ambulances are roaming the streets.



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