Libyan politician: GNA, mercenaries received harsh blows despite Turkish support

Libyan academician and politician Ph.D. Gabriel al-Obaidi confirmed that the Accord forces and Syrian mercenaries had received strong blows in the attack on on Uqba Bin Nafeh Air Force Base in the town of al-Watiyah, south of Tripoli, despite the great Turkish support. 

Al-Obaidi said in a special statement to Hawar news agency ANHA, “The Libyan army has inflicted casualties on Erdogan militia, with dozens of dead, hundreds of wounded, and vehicles losses, pointing out that the Libyan military briefing confirmed 40 dead and 170 wounded militia and Syrian and Turkish mercenaries.”

The Libyan academician and politician pointed out, "The losses of Erdogan's agents and militia have become a war of attrition led by the army after dragging them into the desert, and the militias have escaped, which confirms the valor of the Libyan army and the justice of its case in front of Erdogan's adventures to occupy Libya, which is considered the legacy of the foolish Ottoman Sultan, the legacy of his grandparents while he and his grandparents They do not differ from any invader that was destroyed by the Libyans, and their tombs in Libya have historically been a witness of their defeats.

He pointed out, "The war in the desert, that is, al-Watiyah, base, is a war of attrition that only the military can master, but the militias will defeat it after another, and this is what happened to the tenth failed attack on al-Watiyah base."

The Libyan accord government forces, with the support of Turkey and the Syrian mercenaries, launched an attack on al-Watiyah base southwest of Tripoli, despite international calls to stop the fighting, but accord government rejected these calls.



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