Libyan MP: Turkey places the first pillars to occupying Libya

The Libyan MP Ali al-Takbali considered that the scene of Turkish Defense Minister Khulousi Akar inside Libyan bases and military headquarters and among his country's officers and in front of them on Libya maps shows that Turkey has laid the foundations for the occupation of Libya.

The parliamentarian Ali Al-Takbali stressed that "the minister's speech is hostile and transcends all the red lines, indicates that Turkey has laid the first pillars of the occupation of Libya, and it is dominating over the rights of national sovereignty day after day, because it found a flattened government ready to hand over everything in exchange for its protection.” According to al-Arabiya Network.

Al-Takbali added that the status quo indicates signs of the superiority of the Turkish race and deliberate steps to familiarize the Libyan people with the Turkish presence in their country and the need to deal with it.

The Turkish Minister of Defense, during his visit to Libya, met with Turkish officers and soldiers in the joint operations room in Tripoli, and announced "the formation of joint military teams" between the Libyan reconciliation government and the Turkish forces, "explaining that these forces will be" land and sea ones.”

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