Libyan compatibility on military de-escalation and expelling mercenaries 

On Wednesday, U.N. Special Representative for Libya Stephanie Williams announced that warring parties in Libya that are meeting in Geneva have reached an agreement on various important decisions, of which the necessity to de-escalate militarily, and exiting mercenaries within 90 days.

She has also stressed the war-ravaged country since years, by external interference is so extensive and unacceptable.

As to mercenaries' departure, she made clear that parties have agreed in the two rounds of the Committees negotiations 5+5 on the necessity of all mercenaries returning to the countries they belong to, within a period of 90 days after the forming a unified government.    

Stephanie stressed that the Libyan parties reached eventually measures which reinforces confidence, adding that there is great optimism to reach a constant ceasefire. 

To this, and commenting on the previously announced resignation of the Accord's Government president Fayez Al-Sarraj, and leaving his post, she said that this was a brave decision especially at a time when Libyans are eager to hold elections and to reform an elected rule, and put an end to a long transitional period.  

It is worth mentioning that Williams's statements came at the margin of the Military Committee meetings that was formed by five military officials from the two sides of the struggle, on Wednesday, for the third successive day at the United Nations headquarter at Geneva, Switzerland, on which the local and international communities bet a lot on its success to start a new phase of compatibility that leads to an overall settlement of the prolonged Libyan crisis.



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