Libyan army: Turkey- al-Sarraj agreement is egregious invasion 

The Director of the Counselling Department of the Libyan National Army, Brigadier Khaled al Mahjoub, stressed that Turkey and the Accord violated national sovereignty, an aggression that traveled to Libya.

Brigadier Khaled al Mahjoub emphasized that the terms of Turkey's agreement with Accord Government make it clear that it imposed a new will and invasion on the country, stressing that Turkey and the Accord violated national sovereignty and an aggressive aggression against Libya, according to Al-Arabiya.

On Friday evening, the Turkish Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff signed a military agreement with the Libyan government of Accord, which controls Tripoli, in order to ensure Ankara's interests in Libya.

Khaled al Mahjoub pointed out that this agreement, which was concluded between Accord Government and Ankara, is only for future economic gains, explaining that the army sets all possible scenarios and is ready for the military operation and confrontation will not be in the interest of Turkey, according to his statements.

The agreement includes the establishment of a Turkish military force in Libya, as well as the establishment of a Turkish military base, and also provides immunity for Turkish forces in Libya against any prosecution, and gives Turkish officers in Libya a diplomatic status to ensure their immunity.



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