​​​​​​​Libyan army: Tripoli militias killed intelligence chief in GNA

The Libyan National Army said that Tripoli "militias" killed the deputy intelligence chief in Accord government, Abdul Khadir al-Tohamy.

"The militias of Tripoli have killed the deputy chief of intelligence in the Al-Wefaq government, Abdul Khadir al-Tohamy," said Khaled al-Mahjoub, director of Counselling Department in the Libyan National Army.

Mahjoub confirmed that al-Tohamy was kidnapped by "al-Nawasi Militia" in Tripoli, and killed under torture.

These developments come at a time when a number of axes south of the capital, Tripoli, are witnessing violent clashes between the Libyan army and the forces of accord government.

The Libyan army announced yesterday that the army's defenses managed to shoot down a Turkish drone south of the capital, Tripoli.



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