Libyan army is sending reinforcements to Sirte to repel any attack by NAG

The Libyan National Army sent military reinforcements from the 128th Infantry Battalion to the central region, to repel any attempt made by the National Accord Government (NAG)towards Sirte, Jafra, and the Crescent Petroleum region.

According to observers, such reinforcements would support the army forces stationed in the strategic city on the Libyan northern coast.

Sirte has great strategic importance, making it the coveted "extremist militia" that has great Turkish support for control of the city.

Sirte is about a thousand kilometers from the Egyptian border, and it is halfway between Tripoli and Benghazi on the Libyan coast, so it is located about 450 kilometers from the capital and 600 kilometers from Benghazi.

It also opens the way to control the ports of the Crescent Petroleum region in the Libyan East, which includes the largest oil reserves in the country.

There are important military bases such as Qardabiya airbase, which is 16 kilometers south of Sirte, and not far from it, the Al-Jafra airbase, also, is one of the largest Libyan military bases.

Sirte is a major operations room for the Libyan army forces, and a link between eastern and western regions of Libya, and the city's airport and port are among the most important key ports in the country.

In a related context, the Libyan army confirmed that the Sharara oil field is under its control, to settle the matter of one of the most important fields in Libya.

Units in the army conducted a reconnaissance tour inside and around the field, as part of efforts to secure Libyan oil fields, and prevent them from falling into the hands of "militias."

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