Libyan army bombed a military convoy of pro-Turkish militias

On Sunday, the LNA bombed 7 military vehicles belonging to the Libyan pro-Turkish Libyan militia, near the strategic city of Barak al-Shati, in southern Libya.

A Libyan military source said that the armed militia vehicles were stationed in the "Al-Dabwat" agricultural project, which is 40 km from Barak al-Shati, from the west.

The source stated that the Libyan army is monitoring the movements of pro-Turkish militia and mercenaries, especially the Libyan south, which is one of the main targets of the Turkish invasion to control Libyan oil wells in the south, in addition to another goal which is the Turks attempt to secure ways of smuggling terrorist elements from Africa to Libya, vice versa.

Meanwhile, the Libyan National Army launched a series of raids on the base of Al-Wattia, in the west of the country, which is controlled by the Tripoli militias, which resulted in the destruction of a Turkish air defense system.

On Friday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, and the Army Chief of Staff, Yasar Guler, visited the capital, Tripoli, to meet officials of the Fayez al-Sarraj government.

Concurrent with the visit, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed his continued cooperation with Al-Sarraj government in Tripoli.

The Turkish military provocations come at a time when international efforts to solve the Libyan crisis continue by returning to political consultations.

Observers considered that the recent Turkish moves on the Libyan scene come within the framework of challenging the international will, especially after statements made by the Turkish Defense Minister from Tripoli in which he talked about "Turkish sovereignty, returning after the ancestors' withdrawal, and staying forever."

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Source: Sky News

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