Liberal: Targeting Ocalan's character is targeting Kurdish and humanitarian and free thought

The Political Committee of the Kurdistan Liberal Union denounced the international plot against the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, describing it as . targeting the Kurdish and humanitarian people and free thought," it said, calling on the international community to hold responsibility for its moral and humanitarian responsibilities and to act for his immediate release.

On the 21st anniversaryof February 15th plot, that targeted the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, the leadership committee of the Kurdistan Liberal Union  a statement, it said:

Tomorrow, on February 15th, the colonial powers that divided the Middle East according their long-term interests, ( Sakes- Pecko- Sazanov) following the Russian revolution triumph, and declaring the Soviet Union, Russia went out of the treaty, and Kurdistan was divided to four parts according to that, the powers in cooperation with region states arrested the leader, Abdullah Ocalan ( Apo ), they wanted judging whole oppressed people. 

Targeting the leader Apo , targeting the Kurdishand human conscience as well as the free thought. They believed they would decline the Kurdish liberation movement, they are daydreaming, thought they realize there is no peace or solution and stability without the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who fought for the freedom of his people and the people of the region for 21 years in the prisons of the Turkish occupation, and undergoes several kinds of torturing without the interference of the human rights organizations to release him.

 We in our party strongly condemn this international plot against Ocalan, and appeal it to hold the responsibility  of releasing him and his companions from the prisons of the Turkish occupation.



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