Leyla Guven: Imrali fire erupted coinciding with Dolma Bahjat agreement not ordinary thing

Leyla Guven said that in recent years the Turkish state has chosen important dates for the Kurdish people, to carry out its attacks and attacks, and added, "The Kurdish people will defend value and set their sights on making sacrifices in this way."

On February 27, a fire broke out in Imrali Prison, where leader Abdullah Ocalan is being held, while no statement has yet been issued by Turkish state officials, nor by the International Committee against Torture, about Ocalan's status. While many parts of the world witnessed protests and activities to demand the disclosure of Ocalan's health and safety.

The co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference, and MP representative of the Democratic Peoples' Party, Leyla Guven, talked to Hawar news agency (ANHA) about the matter.

Due to the current weather conditions, it appears that burning is not normal ꞌ

Coffin said at the beginning of her talk that the fire in Imrali Prison is not a coincidence, and added: "As Mr. Ocalan had previously mentioned that Imrali Island was specially designed, and was specifically chosen to serve as a prison. The state has taken special measures on the island, it has been done Its design is to keep it under 24-hour observation: If a tree leaf moves on the island, the state will have knowledge of it. Therefore, anything that happens on the Island is directly related to the state. The circumstances of the fire and its explanations are remarkable, the fire they claim broke out due to short circuit, cannot be stretched. Because everything on the island wet with rain. Where the island even in the summer is wet, and cannot talk about the possibility of the spread of fire. For these reasons we do not believe that this fire is normal. "

The fire coincided with the anniversary of the negotiations of Dolma Bahjat, remarkable, too

Leyal Guven said that the injustice and attacks carried out by the Turkish state in recent years against the Kurds have always coincided with the memory of important days, "During the democratic solution march to the Kurdish issue and the negotiations that took place in this framework, the negotiations of Dolma Bahjat have an important place. For the first time, an important development occurred in the subject of the Kurdish issue, which has long been denied by the Turkish state. In those negotiations, a 10-point agreement was reached with the state, and this was a historical event and development. There was no doubt that great efforts were made until this stage was reached. However, unfortunately, the Turkish state thwarted these endeavors that Mr. Ocalan worked for. Now we realize that the state did not take the issue seriously and honestly at any stage. It practiced games and conspiracies and used the tactic of procrastination. Senior leadership in the country not recognizing the joyful negotiations of Dolma Bahjat, this fire broke out one day before the commemoration of these negotiations, when it coincided with 28 February, and this date is striking. What is happening there, and why did the fire break out on that day? These questions must be answered. Injustice and the attacks carried out by the Turkish state in recent years against the Kurds have always coincided with the memory of important days. The attacks targeting Rojava coincided with the 9th of October, and there are also many other events that took place during sensitive days and dates for the Kurdish people. In this way, they seek to target the emotions of the Kurdish people.

ꞌ The Kurds will always keep in mind making sacrifices

Leyla Guven said that the Turkish state is trying, through the policies that it imposes on Ocalan, to test the Kurdish people: “The Turkish state always pursues various tactics. In 1999 and during the international conspiracy against Ocalan, the Kurdish people around the world said: "You will not be able to block our sun, and set fire to their bodies, and expressed their connection and adherence to the leader Ocalan in various other ways. It has become known what Mr. Ocalan represents to the Kurdish people. Turkey is currently living in a crisis and major problems under the rule of the fascism of the Justice and Development Party and the National Party. The Kurds and because of the policies practiced against them, they have succumbed to and surrendered to fear, repression and persecution, and they have abandoned their values. But it is never so, the Kurds are still the same people who are loyal to their values, and they are mindful to make any sacrifice, so it is important to have an immediate meeting with Ocalan, and to make a comprehensive statement of world public opinion on the subject. For us, we will escalate our struggle and do all we can on this issue.

The Turkish state should not test the Kurdish people

She explained that the position and the way the Turkish state deals with Mr. Ocalan is very important for the Kurdish people, and continued by saying: "The Kurdish people consider Mr. Ocalan as their leader, He approaches him on this basis, as the Kurdish people see Mr. Ocalan as a leader who granted the soul to a people whose identity, culture and existence are denied, and he resurrected life in that people, and made him stand on his feet, therefore, the method of approaching Mr. Ocalan is very important for the Kurdish people. For these reasons, the Turkish state should not test this matter again. Where the Kurds believe that any practices against Mr. Ocalan are practices against them, because of the fact that he is a people who built themselves and saw themselves as Ocalan, and the people ascended to the stage of life with his thought and philosophy, and he said: I am, with his independent existence standing on his feet. Therefore, the method of getting close to Mr. Ocalan is very important. "

information about Mr. Ocalan must be obtained immediately

At the end of her speech, Leyla Guven explained that despite the illegal practices that are being followed on the Island of Imrali, the Committee against Torture, the United Nations and the European Union stand by bystanders, and said: "These institutions participate in the international conspiracy, and have planned for them together, and so far they have not developed a practice against Democracy like this is the subject of interest in any way, and it has not taken a humanitarian step in this field. Information about Mr. Ocalan must be obtained immediately, and the health of Mr. Ocalan and the other three comrades must be clarified to the public opinion, and they should be transferred immediately to another place.

On an island surrounded by such dangers, it is unacceptable that a person whom a people say he is their leader should be arrested in, and should be moved to a safer location."



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