Legally…criminals must be tried in place where crimes committed

Politicians made clear that that there are evidences on the crimes which Daesh mercenaries have committed in the areas of North and East of Syria and the criminals must be tried in the place where the crimes were committed.  

After SDF, YPG and YPJ announced the end of the campaign of eliminating the mercenaries in the areas of North and East of Syria militarily, some Europeans countries called to establish international courts in Iraq to try the mercenaries of Daesh who were arrested by SDF in Syria.

In this regard ANHA agency conducted an interview with some politicians in Serê Kaniyê area who denounced establishing such courts outside the Syria.

The lawyer Hasan Bero the member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria-Serê Kaniyê branch made clear that SDF and the people of North Syria have the right to try these mercenaries because SDF and the people deterred the terrorist factions, and said, "legally who commit the crimes must be tried in the area where the crimes were committed."

He wondered how can people and the martyrs' families  who were affected by the crimes of the mercenaries go to these courts if they were established out of Syria?

Bero pointed out there must be evidences and witnesses for those who involved in these crimes in the areas of North and East of Syria and added that the people of the region and the martyrs' families have evidences to hold these criminals accountable.       

Thanks for the martyrs people cancer in the body of the area was eliminated

The member of the Future Syria Party of Sere Kaniyê area said that although the terrorism represent by Daesh mercenaries which spread in all areas, but thanks to the sacrifices of our martyrs of SDF, YPG and YPJ this cancer was eliminated.

He added that the countries refuse receiving these mercenaries so that there must be fair solution for this issue which is establishing international courts and put mechanism according to the international criteria to try those mercenaries in the areas of North and East of Syria and to hold them accountable for the crimes they have committed against the humanity and the people of the region.

SDF defended the values, the history and the future of the societies' generations

The member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Kurdish Party in Syria (Parti) Shewket Brazi pointed out to the sacrifices of the Kurdish people and all the components of the North and East of Syria participated in eliminating the mercenaries of Daesh and said that it is important to try these mercenaries in the place where the crimes were committed because they have killed thousands of the people of the region and SDF must try those mercenaries, because they protected and defended the values and the history of the societies' generations.

At the end of his speech, Berazi said that the world's countries must honor the people of the region and SDF and must agree to establish fair international courts in the areas of north and east of Syria to try them according to the international and human laws.    



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