Lecture on Ocalan's life in Tal Berak

On the occasion of the birthday of Abdullah Ocalan, Kongra Star in Tal Barak held a lecture on the life of Abdullah Ocalan and the plot against him.

Kongra Star held lecture in Tel Barak area, attended by hundreds of Tel Barak residents, members of civil institutions and Internal Security Forces, as well as the administrative staff of the Women's Bureau of MSD in Qamishlo Janda Mohammed and Gulistan Ibrahim.

The lecture began with holding  a minute of silence, followed by the speech of the administrative at the Women's Bureau of MSD in Qamishlo, Janda Mohammed, who mentioned the life of the leader Ocalan struggle, and the content of the project of the democratic nation, which was introduced by Ocalan and applied in the north and east of Syria, and denounced at the same time the plot that was waged against Abdullah Ocalan.

"Among the historical legacy of male mentality, capitalist system, and capitalist modernity, which killed the spirit of love and peace in societies and filled them with oppression, especially women's rights, and since his youth, he was seeing the family problems that happen either through the customs and traditions worn, such as taking revenge, all these social problems formed the philosophy of the Ocalan, which sought to rid communities of these negatives. "

Then she spoke about the biography of Abdullah Ocalan, his place of residence, how he lived in all his circumstances, explaining his university life and the ideas he tried to spread against Turkish fascism.

The lecture ended with the opening of discussions and questions among the audience about the reasons for the conspiracy and the isolation imposed on Ocalan.



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