​​​​​​​Lebanon: Youngman killed, invitations to disobedience 

A young man (16 years old, a Palestinian nationality) was killed after being shot in the head in Shatila roundabout, in the center of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, while the source of the shooting was not clear.

Social media reported information about a clash between a number of young men and the Lebanese army in Shatila area, after a group of young men tried to block the road, and they started throwing stones at the army, so the matter developed into a clash, which led to the serious injury of the young man, he was transferred to the Makassed Hospital Shortly before he dies.

The Lebanese army issued a statement on its page on "Twitter", in which it said: "While a number of young men crossed the road in Shatila area, an unknown person opened fire, which resulted in the injury of one of the youths. Army units intervened to control the situation, and investigations began to identify and arrest the shooter."

This continues the daily scene of blocking roads in Lebanon, mobile sit-ins in more than one region in protest against the deteriorating economic conditions, the insane rise of the US dollar, and denunciation of the outrageous cost that has burdened the Lebanese.

Activists in Tripoli called for civil disobedience, including the closure of shops, and dozens of protesters closed Zahleh region in al-Bekaa Governorate and then reopened it shortly.



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