​​​​​​​Lebanon explosion's death toll rose to 154 ... Lebanese President confirms that investigations continue

The Lebanese Minister of Health Hamad Hassen announced today that the number of victims of the explosion has risen to 154 and the wounded to more than 5,000, while the Lebanese President Michel Aoun confirmed the continuation of investigations into the Beirut Port explosion, and that he will examine whether it was an accident or a possible external action or intervention by a missile or a bomb.

The High Relief Commission in Lebanon announced that more than 8,000 housing units were damaged by the Beirut Port explosion, and according to statistics, about 300,000 people, more than 12% of Beirut's population are unable to return to their homes due to the explosion that destroyed doors and windows all over the city, and left many buildings uninhabitable.

The affected hospitals, already strained by the coronavirus pandemic, are still struggling to cope with the wounded.

This comes at a time when the rescue teams are still searching for bodies under the rubble of the port, nearly three days after the explosion, which led to killing nearly 150 people and injuring thousands.

On Friday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that the situation in Beirut is really tragic, and with thousands remaining homeless due to the destruction of homes, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also stressed that there is a great need to provide shelters in Beirut.

In turn, the World Health Organization warned of the deterioration of the already weak health system in Lebanon, saying that the health situation in the country has become a serious problem after the terrible explosion.

It stressed that there is currently a shortage of beds due to the damage inflicted to hospitals, especially since 4 hospitals in the capital were destroyed, while the number of wounded reached more than 5,000.

In addition, UNICEF warned of the impact of that tragedy on children in the capital, stressing that the homes of up to 100,000 children who were forced to displace their homes were damaged, and indicated that 120 schools serving 55,000 children were exposed to various damages.

As for the major calamity in Lebanon which suffers from an already deteriorating economic and living situation, it was from the door of wheat silos, some of which became to the ground, following the explosion of the port.

In the context, the Food and Agriculture Organization and an official from the port of Tripoli (North Lebanon) explained that the Beirut silo which was destroyed by Tuesday explosion was the only grain silo in a Lebanese port.

For his part, the Lebanese President Michel Aoun said, according to his office, that the investigation into the explosion of a warehouse in the Beirut port is examining whether it was caused by negligence, an accident, or a possible external interference.

The President Michel Aoun said: "The reason has not been determined yet, and there is a possibility of external interference by a missile, a bomb or any other action."

He added that the investigation into the explosion on Tuesday in a warehouse with high explosive materials is being conducted on three levels: "Firstly, how the explosive material entered and was stored, secondly, whether the explosion was a result of negligence or an accident and thirdly, the possibility of external interference."


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