Lebanese writer: Turkish people rose yellow warning card in face of their president  

The Lebanese writer and journalist Samir Atallah said that whoever reviews Turkey's policy since Erdogan's control will find a straight line and quickly collapse. He will find a man who enjoys great words and short-sighted policies. He will find a man proud of his stubborn like Saddam Hussein, and so the people raised the yellow warning card in his face in the elections.

The Lebanese writer and journalist Samir Attallah talks in an article in the Middle East newspaper entitled "The Sultan Wins Qatar and Loses Ankara" about the wrong policies of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Atallah said, "We have seen many beginnings and endings in recent decades. All of them are similar. When I consider Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's march, I am afraid by comparisons. Is not it strange to insist that his palace must contain a thousand rooms, the number of rooms of Nikolai Ceausescu Palace? Is it not strange to boast, like Saddam, of his military adventures and his "steadfastness" while the livelihoods of people are collapsing, and while the inflation predicts that one day it will reach what the Iraqi dinar, the Yugoslav dinar and Bolivar, Nicolas Maduro reached?

The writer explains that Erdogan began as a soft man, shared his comrades' opinion and power, aspired to include Turkey to the European Union, and then began throwing the comrades on both sides of the road. As he takes part in a new electoral battle, and does not stop at any political level. Two incited in one day Europe's Christian-Islamic wars: He and the hero of the New Zealand massacre.

According to the writer who is reviewing the policy of Turkey since Erdogan's control, he will find a straight and quickly line towards collapse. He will find a man who enjoys great words and short-sighted policies, like Saddam Hussein, and stubbornness has one way revealed by the municipal elections the day before yesterday. The Turkish people raise the yellow alarm card in front of the president. But he may receive condolence on the defeat with the withdrawal of the Emir of Qatar from the summit of Tunisia for the protest of the Arab position towards the Turkish-Iranian duo. A wise national policy is to give Turkey a military base and establish an alliance with Iran.

Samir Attallah is a Lebanese writer and journalist. He worked for al-Nahar newspaper, the weekly Arab and the Lebanese al-Syad magazines, and the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa newspaper.



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