Lebanese writer: Turkey seeks to eradicate the Kurds, control of Syrian wealth at same time

The Lebanese writer Hanna Saleh said that Turkey has two goals close and far from the occupation of the north and east of Syria first is to "crush the Kurds" on the pretext of protecting the Turkish national security, and the farthest goal of the Turkish hand on the Syrian wealth of oil and gas and water, so that Ankara has the lion's share in any settlement of the Syrian issue an inevitable settlement.

Lebanese writer Hanna Saleh said in an article published today in the newspaper al-Sharq Al-Awsat that the saying: "The Good Red Indian is the Red Indian Red" is a well-known saying. Golda Meir quoted her famous phrase: "The Good Palestinian is the Dead Palestinian." Yitzhak Rabin, when he ordered the arrogance of the occupying Zionist army to break the ribs of the children of the stone revolution in occupied Palestine. But Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan outperformed everyone in targeting the Syrian Kurds, saying: "Either they are buried under the dust or accept humiliation!"

He added that the new Ottoman leader, Bassem Qasim Soleimani, who was exposing for the shedding of Syrian blood, seeking to re-establish his leadership over Syria and its people, not just the Kurds. He also revealed the Turkish targets, which were buried in Syria and at the expense of the Syrians, Under the pretext of maintaining Turkish national security, and in this particular situation, after the resounding defeat in Istanbul, seeks to achieve "achievement" on the way to achieve Turkish ambitions, and to distract the attention of its citizens, the introduction of new elements on the agenda of the concerns of the Turkish citizen.

Since the year 2016, after the light of the Russian green, was the process of «Shield Euphrates»; where the Turkish control of a large area of the north of Syria, from Jarablous to al-Bab and Azaz... Etc., Ankara begun, which highlighted in top priorities to divide the Kurdish region and dispersing the Kurds far away from its border, open old files, and talk about documents confirming its right to extend its control over 15 villages in the province of Aleppo bordering the border. It was clear by occupying Jarablous and Manbij two cities, where Turkey started Turkification policy and arbitrated the forces of «political Islam», and linked them to the Turkish administration functionally and financially and educationally, adopting the Turkish curriculum, replaced the Turkish language instead of the French

"After the Operation Olive Branch in 2018, the tightening of control over Afrin, and the beginning of a demographic change by displacing some 150,000 of its Kurdish people in particular, and settling displacement people from al-Ghouta instead of the indigenous people, who are supporting of the Turkish army's factions, Erdogan declared that «Turkish national security requires control over large parts of all areas of Syria - Iraq adjacent to Turkey»!  After giving the path of Astana to Turkey the upper hand in the province of Idlib, which was classified as "De-escalation", Ankara began to build a concrete wall that simulates the Zionist wall in occupied Palestine, to isolate Afrin from the geographical perimeter, to link more with Turkey, and threatened to extend its military operations to include Manbij and east of the Euphrates to Ain Arab - Kobani, Tel-Abyed and Ras al-Ain, and up to Qamishli, and the stated goal to remove the Kurds.

"Turkey has put its hand on the Syrian food basket, and in the manner of the Iranian settlement occupation, it has pushed to make demographic changes, and the operations of Turkification have expanded in the Kurdish areas. Afrin has become without its inhabitants. The movement of any Syrian citizen in the areas of the Turkish occupation requires permission from the Turkish ruler in Kalis or with the American decision to withdraw from the east of the Euphrates, the Turkish ambitions moved to crush the Kurdish movement under the pretext of protecting Turkey's national security and the longer-term objective of putting the Turkish hand on Syria's oil, gas and water so that Ankara would have the lion's share in any settlement of the issue. Syria, which is coming inevitably settlement, and this era unfold dictatorial regime, which recorded an unprecedented event not seen once any country in the world, eradicating his people and the deportation of about half of the Syrians from their homes, and to facilitate the naturalization and resettlement the people.

The truth is that no one has discussed how a country can impose its imperial ambitions on another country, by insisting on the creation of a large pocket that it controls in a neighboring country." The Turkish presidency has put its ambitions on the Russians and the Americans, despite different interests and Russian and American perspectives, the outcome is similar.

Moscow withdrew from Adana Agreement of 1998, which gives Turkey the right to hunt down elements of the "PKK" about 5 kilometers in Syrian territory, provided political normalization with the Syrian regime, according to the text of the Convention. In fact, there is today a security normalization between Ankara and Damascus. Turkey has not found its way to Russia, which seeks to draw the boundaries of the roles and influence of its partners in the Astana process, despite Russian concerns over the US-Turkish dialogues. Since then Ankara has been negotiating with the Americans, and the Turkish address is to control a 30-35 km deep area east of the Euphrates, about one-third of the area of ​​this region, to exceed Turkish control of 20 per cent of the total Syrian territory, and that the "Syrian Democratic Forces" should be removed after the dismantling of the backbone of these forces «People's Protection Units», the Kurdish power sought by Ankara

The Turkish response was not delayed, said Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu: «US proposals on the buffer zone is not satisfactory to Turkey», threatening that «the patience of his country ran out»! But the striking part of Erdogan's positions, recalling some of the Nazis' ideas in 1939, when Hitler blew up the borders of neighboring Germany, the Turkish president declared that his country would "bury under the dust those who seek to create a terrorist corridor on its borders, regardless of the outcome of the talks with the Americans"! And began to alert on both sides of the border and finger on the trigger!

In the last 20 summit, President Trump said: "Erdogan wants to eradicate the Kurds, and asked him not to do (...). Imagine, some 75 years after the end of Nazism, and after 70 years of Zionist terrorism, which did not achieve security for Israel, there is a president of state did not care and facilitate the game of blood!



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