Lebanese soldier killed in an armed attack on military sites

Today, the Lebanese Army Command said that gunmen opened fire on several military positions and on a patrol in the Baalbek area in the Bekaa Valley (northeast of the country), killing a soldier.

The army command added in a statement: "A number of gunmen opened fire towards an army patrol and military centers" in Talaba, Pretal, Al-Khader and Dors.

It confirmed that the shooting killed one of the soldiers, without giving further details.

Every now and then, clashes erupt in that area between the army and gunmen, due to the presence of armed gangs that carry out theft, drug trafficking, killing and intimidating civilians.

The Lebanese army usually carries out raids in the area, which is a stronghold of Hezbollah, with the aim of arresting members of the armed gangs wanted for the Lebanese judiciary.

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