Lebanese Journalist: Erdogan's rule in danger

 Lebanese journalist Mohamed Saeed Al-Raz said Erdogan is in trouble internationally, regionally and domestically. He stressed that he is seeking to implement the new Middle East plan that coincides with his aspiration to create an Ottoman caliphate in 2023, but his rule is in danger.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in trouble at this time, especially after he did not receive NATO support in Idlib, Russian President Vladimir Putin insulted him. Europe did not submit to his threats regarding refugees.  Ali Babajan's announcement on Wednesday of his "Democracy and Renaissance" party.

In this context, Lebanese journalist Mohamed Saeed Al-Raz, said in a special statement to our agencies that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is living a real dilemma  internationally, regionally or internally after raising the roof of his demands and threatening Syria and the region with the occupation and the establishment of a land strip as a reservoir for terrorists of all factions inside the Syrian territory. He retreats and begs Russia to declare a cease-fire, and a return to the Sochi agreement after more than 60 Turkish soldiers returned home inside the coffins.

He pointed out that Erdogan had announced that he would pray in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. He is unable to reach the Parliament because of the parliamentary rejection of his policies and the revulsion against his criminal plans against the region, whether in Syria or Libya.  This confirms that he drowned in the Syrian crisis and collided with his sick ambitions with the exception of its ally Qatar.

The Lebanese journalist pointed out that Erdogan's conspiratorial projects against Syria and the Arabs in general are bigger than the allegations he made to justify his aggression. Stressing that he is seeking to implement the new Middle East plan that coincides with his aspiration to establish an Ottoman caliphate in 2023 after the expiry of the 100-year term set by the 1923 Versailles Convention for Turkey to refrain from restoring the dream of succession.

The Lebanese journalist pointed out that Sisi's Eygpt  broke Erdogan's plan, the collapse of his project began successively. Thus his promises to his  Brotherhood and the Turkish people fell under the feet of the Arab soldier whether in Egypt, Syria or Libya.

Mohammed Saeed Al-Raz confirmed at the end of his speech that it is now believed that Erdogan's own rule will be in danger during the next phase; the weakening of the economy, the fall in the price of its currency, the growing opposition and the escalation of the military's revulsion against its failed projects.



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