​​​​​​​Lebanese-Israeli agreement on framework for negotiating sea, land borders

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri announced on Thursday that an agreement was reached on a framework for negotiations with Israel regarding the maritime and land borders between the two countries.

The Lebanese Parliament Speaker added, during a press conference in the capital Beirut, that the Lebanese army will lead the talks with the Israeli side.

Berri explained that the meetings will be held at a United Nations base near the border in southern Lebanon, under the auspices of the United Nations, noting that Lebanon and Israel have called on the United States to be a mediator in demarcating the borders.

He said that the framework agreement stipulates that the United States shall make efforts to create a positive atmosphere for the success of the talks between Lebanon and Israel as soon as possible.

He indicated that the representatives of the United States and the United Nations Special Coordinator in Lebanon will participate in the meetings related to the demarcation of the borders between Beirut and Tel Aviv.

The Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament stated that once an agreement is reached between the two parties, an agreement in this regard will be signed by Lebanon, Israel and the United Nations Force, known as UNIFIL.

In the same context, the Israeli Minister of Energy confirmed that talks will be held between Lebanon and Israel with US mediation on the maritime borders.


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