Leader Ocalan's attorneys review Constitutional Court

Lawyers for the Legal Office of the Century refer to the Constitutional Court to file an appeal against the disciplinary sanctions imposed in Imrali.

According to the Mesopotamia Agency, attorneys at the Legal Office of the Century reviewed the Constitutional Court on January 17, 2020 to condemn the disciplinary sanctions taken by the Turkish authorities against leader Abdullah Ocalan and Omar Khairy Konar, Hameli Yildirim and Wisi Akash, who were detained in Imrali, and that this prevented their meeting with their families.

The lawyers noted that the Turkish authorities violated the rights of their clients in a fair trial, and demanded that their rights violated.

It was also emphasized during the review that the basic principle of a fair trial is access to the court, but that this right has been blocked and rejected.

Lawyers said during the review: “Disciplinary punishment is imposed regularly every three months for a period of 15 months as a prohibition to meet detainees with their lawyers and their families, and at the end of the punishment, another penalty is imposed, meaning that 5 penalties are imposed within 15 months. The lawyers’ requests to verify these files were rejected and keeping them outside the disciplinary sanctions, and the 5 penalties were taken and implemented under the same pretext."

It was stated during the lawyers ’review of the Constitutional Court that the blocking of lawyers’ access to the files was “illegal” and that the right to legal aid was abolished.

 It was also recalled during the review that the lawyers were unable to meet with leader Abdullah Ocalan since August 7, 2019.


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