Leader Ocalan must be liberated from his isolation

The citizens of North and East Syria affirmed the brutal political practice of the Turkish occupation state against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and their complete rejection of the strict isolation against him, explaining: "In order to be worthy of the trust given to us by Leader APO, he must be physically liberated."

The people of North and East Syria and the democrats who believe in the ideology of the leader Abdullah Ocalan continue their demands to lift the strict isolation imposed on him by the Turkish authorities since February 15, 1999, and no information has been received about him for 26 months in any way.

Musa Ali, a citizen of al-Hol district of al-Hasakah canton, explained that Turkey is violating all international rights and standards by isolating leader Abdullah Ocalan.

He stressed that the democratic nation project put forward by the leader Abdullah Ocalan contributed to organizing society in North and East Syria, deterring attacks, and spreading security in the region through the cohesion of all components with each other.

The citizen Ahmed Abdo expressed his fears about the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and noted: "We are concerned about the leader's health in light of the international silence regarding the Turkish occupation state's imposition of isolation and preventing his family from meeting him for years."

Abdo asserts that the leader's philosophy and thought were not directed at one group of the people, but rather towards humanity as a whole, and were crowned with success. He called on all peoples to unite to end the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan. He stressed, "By joining forces, we will guarantee the leader's freedom and spread his ideas to all humanity."

As for the administrator in the Revolutionary Youth Movement in the city of al-Hasakah, Mediya Abdel Rahman, she indicated that the leader's ideas opened the way for all oppressed peoples to struggle for their freedom.

Mediya Abdel Rahman called on all young women and men to escalate their struggle and unify their efforts to guarantee the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan. And she emphasized, "We, the youth, must liberate our leader physically. To be worthy of the trust that Leader APO gave us, and we will continue to resist and struggle, and we will stand as an impenetrable bulwark in the face of the enemy."

While a member of the Young Women's Union in the city of al-Hasakah, Halima Ahmed, confirmed that they will not stand idly by regarding the isolation imposed on the leader, and explained: "We will not accept, in any way, the isolation and brutal policy practiced by Turkey against the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

T/ Satt.