"Leader Ocalan has the ability to solve ME crises"

Administrators in the Women's institutions in Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad noted that Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan has the ability to resolve the Middle East crises, and his recent messages from Imrali are the embodiment of his endeavor to bring peace to the region.

While Ocalan is making great efforts to bring peace to the region in peaceful ways, the Turkish state continues to pursue a policy of war and threat against the people of the region, primarily the Kurdish people, in an effort to impose its hegemony over the region, or, as many say, to revive a new Ottoman sultanate.

The leader Ocalan has recently sent several letters from Imrali Island prison calling for a revival of peace in the region and a cessation of war policy, but the Turkish state seems to like nothing but escalation of crises and wars in the region.

Hawar News Agency met with a number of administrators in women's institutions in Girê Spi to talk about this matter, the administrator of the Syrian Women's Council in Girê Spi/Tal Abyad Shamsa Sino pointed out that "the letters of the leader (Abdullah Ocalan) reveal the extent to which he seeks to revive peace in the region. Since the very beginning, he has sought this, and the project of the democratic nation supports this trend, and the Turkish state should go in this direction otherwise the crisis will deepen further."

"Turkey has been interfering with Syria for years and trying to export its internal crises abroad, but we Syrians do not accept this, we are against the division of Syria, and we are sure that our cohesion will foil Turkish policies."

Shamsa Sino noted that the areas of northern Syria are safe and enjoy full stability, and that the Turkish intervention would repeat the scenario of Afrin in the region.

Turkey occupied Afrin canton in March 18, 2018, committed massacres and abandoned the indigenous population and continues to support mercenary factions that frequently commit abuses against the population.

The administrators of the Syrian Women's Council considered that Turkey has expansionist projects in Syria, and is interested in nothing but annexing parts of Syria to Turkey in implementation of the dream of reviving the Ottoman Empire.

“The women of Tel Abyad do not accept the presence of any external forces and consider them as occupying forces. Their goal is peace and support dialogue to resolve all crises,” she said.

A member of the Women's House in Girê Spi, Saba Walaa Mahmud, believes that the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan has the ability to solve the issues and crises in the Middle East, and stressed that Turkey fears him because he threatens its dream of reviving the Ottoman Sultanate.

Regarding Turkish threats to northern Syria, Walaa Mahmud said, "We, Tal Abyad women, will not stand idly by. We will work on the martyrs' philosophy and the leader's philosophy. We are against the policy of Turkification, demographic change, and the establishment of a peace corridor, because our regions are peaceful and safe.



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