Leader in SDF: 5 tanks and mercenaries’ bodies held by our fighters

A leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed details of the military developments on the Syrian-Turkish border, saying that their forces destroyed 5 tanks, in addition to tracked damage, stressing that the bodies of a number of mercenaries fell into the hands of their forces.

The Turkish occupation army began yesterday afternoon shelling areas of northern and eastern Syria, and randomly targeted various areas, killing 5 civilians, and wounding others.

In details of what is going on on the border between Turkey and Syria attacks by the Turkish occupation army, the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces Amed Amuda talked to our agency about the latest military developments.

"The Turkish occupation army forced us to enter this battle, and based on our right to legitimate defense, our forces responded after our military points, villages, towns and cities were bombed, despite repeated calls and appeals to resolve the crisis without resorting to large-scale war despite many attempts to solve it peacefully."

"As part of our legitimate right to defend the area, our forces were on fully prepared and responded to fire sources targeting northern and eastern Syria. Our forces were able to ignite the entire border from the Tigris to the Euphrates."

Amed confirmed that their forces have so far managed to destroy 5 Turkish tanks on the border in the area of ​​Tel Abyad, and the elimination of five mercenaries east of Tel Abyad and their bodies fell into the hands of the forces.

In the area between Amuda and Darbasiyah district, a point of the Turkish troops was destroyed and an armored vehicle was damaged. The forces also downed six drones.

"We will not attack anyone for no reason, even if we have all the power of the world, but even if all the forces come to us, we will prevail because we are the owners of the land," he said. We defend our rights and our people, and we have sacrificed so much, and we will continue to sacrifice to prevent the destruction of the gains made over the past 8 years. "


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