Lawyers rejected establishment of international court for Daesh outside Syria

The lawyers of al-Darbasiya rejected any decisions to try mercenaries outside the Syrian border. They said that "mercenaries should be tried in Autonomous Administration areas of northern and eastern Syria because the present forces are those who defeated Daesh."

Some European countries have proposed the establishment of an international court in Iraq to try mercenaries who are in the hands of SDF.

The French Justice Minister Nicole  Belloubet said that she discussed with many European countries the establishment of an international tribunal in Iraq to try mercenaries foreigners, and this hypothesis was raised at the European level with a number of ministers of the Interior and Justice, especially in Germany, Spain and Italy.

In this context, a number of lawyers from al-Darbasiya district of al-Hasakah canton rejected any suggestions and decisions to try mercenaries outside the Syrian borders.

Lawyer Haitham Bakr said, "We reject any proposal or any decisions to prosecute mercenaries outside the Syrian territories, because the Syrian people were witnesses to the most heinous crimes committed by mercenaries."

Bakr pointed out that it is legally necessary to prosecute a person who commits a crime on the land where these crimes were committed, "this law is called local jurisdiction, so the trial of mercenaries is must be in Syrian territories because the Syrian people are the most people who have suffered injustice and oppression and the Syrian Democratic Forces are the only force that has resisted Daesh who controlled large areas of Syrian and Iraqi territory, the only force that made the world live in security.

The lawyer Haitham Bakr, said that they as lawyers will continue to demand and discuss the establishment of an international tribunal within the Syrian territory, especially in the north and east of Syria.

"The establishment of an international court outside Syrian territory is contrary to international law, and if an international tribunal is established in northern and eastern Syria, thousands of people, children and women will witness the massacres and violations committed by mercenaries of Daesh," the lawyer Wela al-Ali said.


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