lawyers from al-Raqqa call for establishing international court to try mercenaries

Lawyers from the city of al-Raqqa called on the international community to establish an international judicial court in northern and eastern Syria through which Daesh mercenaries will be prosecuted, those who committed massacres against the Syrian people in all its components, and said that the areas of north and east of Syria have been heavily subjected to massacres and damage by Daesh.

After the fighters of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF)inflicted painful defeat to Daesh mercenaries in the last strongholds in the village of al-Baghouz, thousands of Daesh mercenaries and their families have surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces, but their countries refrained from receiving or allowing them to return, they put a heavy burden on the Autonomous Administration.

In this regard, our agency conducted meetings with jurists in the city of al-Raqqa, who demanded that all countries retrieve their fighters detained in the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces and try them within the laws of their countries, or contribute to an international court to try them.

"As for mercenaries, those who flowed from all parts of the world to join the alleged caliphate that went with the wind. Today, there are large numbers and dangerous figures who are among the most dangerous figures on the terrorism list. They are now in prison of Arab and foreign nationalities. "They must be tried and held accountable for the crimes they have committed against humanity," Lawyer Abdul Rahman Issa said.

"The countries to which they belong should bear their responsibilities and be deported to their countries after being tried by judges with experience in this field under the roof of an international court of international respect and recognition." he stressed.

Issa concluded by saying: "Whoever whose hands were not stained with blood and does not hold an extremist ideology, it will be another matter. Certainly, they will be given provisions commensurate with international laws. Hence, the first foundation stone will be built through the rehabilitation centers of these prisoners."

For his part, lawyer Abdel Fattah al-Aker said: "Today we as lawyers urge the international community to take a firm stance towards mercenaries and call for the opening of an international court in which mercenaries are held accountable for the crime they committed inside Syrian territory."

Abdel Fattah called on the international community to put in place an internal order for this court and provide it with a judiciary that will prosecute these terrorists who have spread corruption in the Earth by injustice and intimidation against humanity. All countries must take responsibility for their citizens and take their responsibility, and states must make efforts to uproot this extremist thought through intensive courses and programs, because this thought needs a long time to be eliminated."


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