lawyers: blame international orgs for Ocalan’s status

Lawyers in al-Darbasiyah district blamed humanitarian and human rights organizations for what is happening against the leader Ocalan, asserting that the violations against the leader violate international laws.

The Turkish occupation state continues to systematically isolate the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, and prevents his family and lawyer from meeting their client.

The Turkish occupation by preventing his lawyer from meeting him violated all international laws and conventions, ignoring the fact that the leader is a political prisoner, and legally, it is not permissible to prevent his lawyer or his family from meeting him.

Lawyer Hasan Misto and a member of the Union of Lawyers in al-Jazeera canton, explained that "the arrest of leader Ocalan is part of the brutality of the Turkish occupation state, and the detention of the freedom of the leader is an attack on human rights, so countries calling for humanity must move in regard to the case of leader Abdullah Ocalan to release him."

He pointed out that the Turkish state imposes strict isolation on the leader, since he sought from the beginning to achieve democracy for all oppressed peoples based on the principle of democracy and justice.

He believed that the failure to allow the lawyer of leader Ocalan to meet with him is evidence of the mentality of the Turkish fascist state of occupation, and evidence of non-recognition of international laws.

He blamed the humanitarian organizations working in the field of human rights on the consequences of the violations in Imerali prison against the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

"Because the Kurdish people believe in the thought and philosophy of the leader, and because this people has a strong will, so we are confident that the Kurdish people and their leader will get over."

For his part, the lawyer Masoud Ali Mohammed said, "the occupation state knows not to accept any opinion contrary to its opinion, and therefore impose strict isolation on the leader, as it is afraid of the victories achieved by the Kurdish people."

He stressed that he was convinced that the freedom of the leader Ocalan is close, thanks to follow his approach, thought and philosophy by the various oppressed peoples.

Muhammad stressed that they, as lawyers, would not abandon Ocalan, who freed people from oppression and slavery, and that they would continue their human rights work until the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan is achieved.



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