​​​​​​​Lawyers and families of Imrali detainees go to public prosecution

The family of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and three other detainees at Imrali Island prison have applied to Bursa Public Prosecutor's Office to visit their relatives.

Ocalan's brother, Mohamed and his client, Mazloum Deng, applied to the Bursa Public Prosecutor's Office to visit Ocalan on 20-22 May in at Imrali Island prison.

The families of the detainees, Omar Khairi Kunar, Hamili Yildirim and Weisi Aktash, have applied to the Attorney General's Office for lawyers to visit Imrali and check on the detainees.

The families reported that if the public prosecutor's office did not accept requests, they would like to speak to them by phone.

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