Lawyers: An intensive isolation on Ocalan to prevent putting solutions in Middle East

Lawyers say that the severe isolation imposed on the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, is aimed at preventing the leader from putting solutions for the Middle East. They appealed to human rights organizations to take its role.


The Turkish occupation continues to impose an intensive isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali prison, and prevented the daily request of his lawyer and his family to meet with their client.

The aim of the Turkish occupation state of isolation is to repel the instructions sent by the leader, which offers solutions to the Middle East.

In this regard, the lawyer Rashid Mohammed told (ANHA) "The isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan is contrary to international conventions, laws and human rights."

He added: As a result of the policy of isolation imposed on the leader, a campaign of hunger strike led by Leyal Guven and her companions in which the government of justice was forced to allow the leader to be visited by his lawyer, but isolation has continued and continues to this day.

In his turn, lawyer, Gabriel Mustafa referred to the letter of the leader who proposed solutions to the Middle East, saying: "The Turkish state does not want a solution to the crisis in the Middle East in order to implement its interests."

Gabriel said that the Turkish state pursues the same policy against the municipalities of Bakur Kurdistan, which took place months ago, and noted "the government of justice and development is far from democracy and human rights."

Lawyer Gabriel Mustafa, on behalf of the jurists, appealed to human rights and humanitarian organizations and allied countries to highlight their role in isolation and stand in front of the conspiracy set by the Turkish state.



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