Lawyer: rare visits do not mean removing isolation on Ocalan

Attorney Hisham Ahmed said that resolving the Middle East crises is linked to lifting isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, and pointed out that rare visits to Ocalan aimed at relieving public pressure on the Turkish state.

The Turkish state tightened the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in April 5, 2015, with the aim of distancing the people from their leader.

Following the resistance at prisons as well as the hunger strike to pressure Turkey, the Turkish state was forced to allow a limited number of meetings with Ocalan.

"Leader Ocalan has been detained for 21 years in Imrali prison until today," said lawyer Hisham Ahmed.

"The practices of the Turkish state against leader Ocalan are immoral and inhuman, and the goal of isolation is to exterminate the Kurdish people through isolation," he said.

“Solving the crisis in the Middle East and for all people is a solution to the crisis in the Middle East and for all peoples. These rare visits in Imrali prison do not mean lifting isolation,” he said.

Ahmed said that the Turkish state violates international laws and human rights.


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