Lawyer: AKP turned Turkey to open prison

The lawyer Ibrahim Mustafa said that the Justice and Development Government "turned Turkey into an open prison." He pointed out that the hunger strike campaigns are the result of the Turkish state's policies, expressing his certainty that "the detainees' resistance will end the isolation."

In recent years, after Erdogan and his party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) have individuated in power, Turkey has become an open prison according to organizations concerned with Human Rights as the state has been imposing an illegal isolation on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan since 2011. As a result of the Turkish state's policies, hundreds of political prisoners in Turkey's jails have gone on hunger strike."

The lawyer Ibrahim Mustafa said in an interview with our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) that Turkey "has already been turned into an open prison. The hunger strike campaigns came in the result of the Turkish state's policies."

As for the Turkish state's dealings with the politicians and partys' leaders, Ibrahim said that Turkey "exceeded the limit of violations, arresting politicians and heads of licensed political parties, and the proof is what it judged against Salahaddin Demirtash, the co-chair of the Democratic Peoples' Party to be sentenced 144 years, describing the trial against Salahaddin Demirtash to be strange.

Ibrahim pointed out that the international silence is "shameful with regard to the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan. The Turkish state does not allow neither his lawyers nor his family to visit him."

Ibrahim added that the campaigns of hunger strike and guerrilla operations carried out come in view of the Turkish state's policies. He added, "Because the Turkish state is practicing the worst violations against the political leaders and citizens, hundreds of detainees, citizens and activists have participated in these campaigns, and they will not be ended until the isolation on the leader is removed and the world put an end to its silence."

The lawyer Ibrahim Mustafa said that Turkey "is committing clear violations that violate human rights standards. All human rights charters give great importance to the freedom of opinion and expression, but the Turkish state has become an open prison."



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