Lavrov: We will protest attempts to clear terrorists in Idlib

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed that his country will object to attempts to absolve the terrorists in Idlib, and revealed future consultations with Turkey, hoping to agree that the terrorists will have no place in Syria.

"once again, I confirm that we will categorically oppose any attempts to justify the terrorists, who have been identified by the United Nations Security Council," Lavrov remarked at a news conference after talks with his Tajik counterpart.

"I hope that the ongoing contacts between our army and the Turkish army will end with the participation of diplomats and security services positively, and we can still agree that there is no place for terrorists in this part of Syria, nor should they have a place at all," he added.

This comes in conjunction with a field escalation south of Idlib, where the regime forces were able to control seven areas, while the aircraft has bombed the vicinity of one of the Turkish points.

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