Lavrov did not hear the separation wall built by Turkey in Syria!

Despite reports that document Turkey's construction of a separation wall to separate Afrin from Syrian territory, the Russian foreign minister said he did not "hear the Afrin wall."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, Monday at the end of his talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh Abul Kalam Abdulmumen, , He had not heard the wall of Afrin, despite what was documented even from the Syrian regime

Turkey has recently begun building a separation wall to separate the Turkish-occupied Afrin from the rest of Syrian territory in an attempt to separate and annex it, similar to the separation wall built by Israel to separate the West Bank.

But Lavrov called on Turkey again to activate Adana agreement signed by the Syrian and Turkish authorities in 1998, which targets the Kurdish people in Syria and its legitimate rights.

in another context, Lavrov stressed that there are limits to any patience, and cannot accept to exist of terrorists in Idlib and said, "We strive to achieve an agreement between Russia and Turkey in resolving the problem (Jabhet al-Nusra) in the De-escalation area in Idlib, As President Putin said, we cannot of course keep these terrorists there as if they were in a nature reserve, and they should not be harmed. "

"We will start from the fact that the Syrian government has the full right to ensure the security of its citizens on its territory," he said.

"The situation cannot be maintained indefinitely as the activity of Heyat Tharir al-Sham continues, and the Syrian government has the full right to purge all of these areas of terrorism."



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