Large celebration ended with honoring number of institutions

The large ceremony in Kobanî ended with honoring the military institutions and the families of the martyrs.

Thousands of people began arriving at the foot of Meshtah Noor overlooking the northern city of Kobanî, where participants from various parts of northern and eastern Syria celebrated days after the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the end of the military presence of Daesh in the eastern village of al-Bagouz.

Various cities and towns around the world have witnessed celebrations with a statement issued by SDF in which it declared victory over Daesh.

The ceremony was attended by a number of Syrian political parties and dozens of Arab tribes in the north of the country.

The artists performed folk songs that saluted SDF and the resistance of the Syrian people.

On the other hand, the joint presidency of the Executive Council of North and East Syria Berîvan Khalid Abdul Hamid Al-Muhabash, MP Elizabeth Koria and the co-chair of the Legislative Council of North and East Syria Farid Atti, thanked the Syrian Democratic Forces and Women's Protection Units, the Wounded and Injured Foundation, for their efforts to protect the north and east of Syria from the threat of terrorism.



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