Landmine Daesh left kills two persons, wounds others in Kobani

 A woman and a man lost their lives in a landmine explosion in the village of Zawar Maghar north-west of Kobani district, while returning with some residents from the popular sit-in tent on the border.

A 45-year-old Aisha Mustafa Ali, a member of the Women's House in the Euphrates region, and the driver of the car, Khalid Kamal Ahmed, 28 were martyred in a landmine explosion in the village of Zawar Maghar that Daesh left, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River near of the city of Jarablus.

The explosion resulted in the minor injury of five other people who were inside the car, and the incident occurred during the return of the vehicle, which was taken by 8 people from the activities of human shields located on the border in the village visit near the border with Bakur Kurdistan on Tuesday afternoon.

As a result, the injured were taken to Martyr Zozan hospital in Kobani city. Despite the doctors' efforts, they were unable to save the lives of the two persons due to their severe injuries.

It is scheduled to be the funeral of the bodies of martyrs in the Shrine of Martyr Dicle in the city of Kobani on Wednesday, according to what was announced by Martyrs' Families Council in Kobani canton.


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