Lack of machineries delayed implementing service projects in Kobani

The co-chair of People's Municipalities Council in Kobani canton Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed said that due to lack of the number of machineries, they delayed the implementation of projects in Kobani city and its countryside, stressing that they seek to solve the problem.

Recently, in the city of Kobani and its villages, there is a need to implement urgent service projects that citizens need.

This puts the municipalities in Kobani, which number 11 municipalities throughout the canton, facing great challenges, in the absence of the required number of machineries, which weakens the ability of the municipalities to complete projects quickly and on time.

The member of the Municipal Council in the town of Binder west of the city of Kobani Mustafa Ali said that they are working according to the possibilities they have, pointing out that they worked to extend the water lines and install pumps from the Euphrates River to 13 border villages.

He pointed out that there are other demands required from them and projects that must be completed, but they need machineries to carry out them, which is the responsibility of the Council of Municipalities in the canton.

Municipalities' Council seeks to solve the problem

The co-chair of the Council of Municipalities in the canton of Kobani Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed confirmed that they asked the concerned authorities to allocate a budget of 450 thousand dollars to buy the necessary machineries to meet the needs of the people and implement service projects.



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