'Labor Day is title of struggle of classes, peoples working to achieve freedom, justice'

On the occasion of the World Labor Day, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) congratulated the feast on all workers and described it as "the title of the struggle of the classes and peoples working for freedom, justice, democracy and peace."

This came in a statement issued by (TEV-DEM) on the occasion of the World Labor Day, which marks on the first of May of each year, and said:

"On the occasion of May 1, the World Labor Day, TEV-DEM has congratulated to the workers and the people in Rojava in north and east of Syria and all the workers of Syria, and all the workers in various countries of the world on this auspicious occasion, which reminds every one of the great sacrifices made by the workers in their struggles against exploitation and for the achievement of social justice.

We stand in front of this occasion with the lessons of the struggle, sacrifice and demanding movements of the workers of the world in general and the workers of Rojava and north and east of Syria in particular. It became clear that the working class in Rojava and its labor movement faced conditions, policies and directions which are progressing with the interests, gains and rights of its workers , and what they have achieved through decades of hard struggle, and these gains came thanks to the organization of the working class and the follow-up of its affairs on a daily basis in all areas of work.

We emphasize the need to work hard and carefully to address all the challenges related to the reality of work and the conditions of the working class. In this context, the TEV-DEM emphasizes the following:

The TEV-DEM is committed to working with the working class everywhere to defend and develop the interests and benefits of workers in all aspects of their lives, including health insurance, wages and health conditions for the work environment.

The (TEV-DEM) emphasizes the need to involve workers' representatives in the care and monitoring of their interests everywhere, and their inherent right to choose their representatives in all councils, organizations and bodies relevant to their interests.

The importance of reviewing the programs and policies related to training and linking the outputs of education to employment, so that they are considered and achieved to the goals required for the labor movement.

Emphasizing the unity of the working class to face the current situation with all its challenges and refusing to engage the working class in any conflicts of any kind; sectarian, political or even doctrinal, which has nothing to do with the course and history of the honorable labor struggle in defending the rights of the working class and not to allow distorting the image of labor demanding mobility.

We reaffirm our appreciation for the sacrifices and struggles of the workers of Rojava and the north and east of Syria. We affirm that they are the builders and the bright face of the homeland, and they are the most important factor in realizing the well-being and freedom of Man and living in dignity. We declare our commitment to this commemoration as the title of the struggle of workers, classes and peoples striving for freedom, justice, democracy and peace.

Long live the struggle of the working class

Long live the World Labor Day ... the day of solidarity among the workers of the world

To the front for the contemporary needs of the working class against poverty and war."



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