Kurds should beware of Turkish attacks on Haftanin

People of Qamishlo clarified that all Kurds must be aware of the danger of the Turkish attacks on Haftanin, indicating that these attacks do not target a specific party, forces or region, but rather all the Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan.

The Turkish occupation army has intensified its attacks on the areas of Başur Kurdistan since June 16. It is systematically targeting populated areas, establishing the military bases, displacing civilians and looting their property, with the aim of expanding its occupation in the region, and the HPG fighters have responded to these attacks amid regional and international silence.

People believe that the goal of the Turkish occupation's attacks on the regions of southern Kurdistan, in particular the area (Haftanin), is to expand its occupation at the expense of the Kurdish people, and to restore the era of the Ottomans.

Jumah Abdul Majid Omar clarified that the Turkish occupation aims to exterminate the Kurdish people, and called on the Kurdish people to unify ranks and stand against the attacks and violations of the Turkish occupation, and said: "The Turkish occupation attacks will not stop unless we unite our ranks."

As for Bangin Ahmed, he pointed out that the Turkish occupation state has been trying since ancient times to control the regions of Kurdistan and return the so-called Ottoman Caliphate to the region. It targets all Kurds are in the four parts of Kurdistan. "

He called on all political parties and Kurdish forces to be one hand to stand against the inhuman attacks by the Turkish occupation army.

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