Kurds defeated the psychological war


We are on the threshold of a new year, all striving to achieve its goals and aspirations. It seems that we are on the threshold of the new year that the Turkish state will seek to eliminate the Kurdish people, but the Kurds in return seek to live in peace and security. The Kurdish people can even cooperate with the Turkish state if the latter accepts the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people, but this seems elusive at the moment.

International parties such as Russia and America act in accordance with their interests in the first east, and therefore seek to attract the Kurds to its side, but each has interests different from the other.

Iran in turn seeks to perpetuate its presence in the area and establish the so-called "Shiite Crescent" and protect it, and therefore continue its alliance with Russia to achieve its goal.

The star of China stands out clearly on the international scene, leading to the emergence of new political situations in the world, meaning that conflicts and global alliances will not return as they were , where there is no so-called black and white, but everyone has a door on the relations of each other. Indeed, all the remnants of the cold-war era no longer exist and the former diplomatic positions of States have lost their meaning, a new policy is emerging that is consistent with current status developments.

The center of this policy is the Middle East, the center of the Middle East is Kurdistan, and accordingly we see that the enemies of the Kurds have escalated a lot of their political attacks.

The psychological war against the Kurds reached a high level in this period, and the Kurdish people have never been subjected to such a psychological war, the enemies of the Kurdish people want the Kurds to act according to their policies, they adopted a dirty policy that seeks to weaken the Kurds or abandon their rights and accept small of gains.

This policy, which targeted the Kurds began first during the period of the referendum on independence in south Kurdistan, where all the countries of the region fought a great psychological war against the Kurdish people, regardless of the correctness of such a referendum, but South Kurdistan was a victim of psychological warfare, the circumstances were not conducive to any attempts to occupy Basur Kurdistan by the occupied states , but they showed that they would occupy southKurdistan, this psychological war threw its effects on officials in south Kurdistan, which made them give up their legitimate rights, and undoubtedly the Turkish state is led this psychological war.

In the same way that the Turkish state has launched its psychological war against south Kurdistan, it now runs the same war against areas north and east of Syria. Previously, it was said that there are no friends of the Kurdish people except the mountains, so they are persecuted and colonized. In our day no friends for anyone, immediate interests are the defining enemies and friends. Neither the United States nor Russia are friends of any party, not Kurds, Turks or any other people, and the interests of these countries determine their relations and alliances.

It is certain that the objectives of the Turkish state are not only related to psychological warfare. The Turkish state is actively seeking to occupy other areas of north and east of Syria. For this reason, the psychological war escalates, the Turkish threats not only target the Kurds and their friends, but also all the peoples of the Middle East and at the same time the American and Russian interests in the area .

For its part, the Kurdish people are striving hard to find ways to get rid of this psychological war,  and open diplomatic channels with different parties and communicate effectively with all the players. It has become clear today that the Kurds have managed to defeat the psychological war. The contacts and meetings with the Russian Foreign Ministry continue in a positive manner, in addition to serious relations and dialogues with the Arab League within the framework of the territorial integrity of Syria, as well as continuous communication with the United States of America.

However, all this does not mean that the threat to the area is over on the contrary, the danger remains as it was from the first day, but the failure of the psychological warfare that forced the Kurds to surrender or die is certain.



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