Kurdistan regional government responds on Nassallah: as childish style

​​​​​​​The Kurdistan Regional Government responded to the Lebanese Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, who attacked former regional chief Masoud Barzani, and described Nasrallah's words as "a childish style."

Gottiar Adel, a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, said in a statement that Nasrallah's words were "a childish style towards a heroic people."

And Nasrallah had attacked yesterday in his speech to him the former Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, and he claimed that the latter had feared when the ISIS attack, and that he had contacted the commander of the Quds Force at the time, Qassem Soleimani, who arrived with a group of leaders, including leaders from Hezbollah, and this has removed the danger from the land of the region.

Adel stressed that "the Peshmerga forces defended Irbil and Kurdistan, and not others." He continued: "Our surprise raised your attack with a weak voice and a childish style on the Kurdistan region and the leader of a nation. You who did not see the sunlight for years to hide in the basements, insult and mock the people A hero, instead of this unjustified attack you should have defended a persecuted people who have suffered injustice for years. "

Adel added, speaking to Nasrallah: "As for the person who says he was representing you and participated in Barzani's visit, he must be the same person who dreamed with his ilk on the days of 16, 20 and 26 October 2017 of occupying Kurdista, but Peshmerga fought bravely and prevented them to achieve their dreams.



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