​​​​​​​ Kurdistan Liberal Union congratulates Newroz on Kurds, Aryan peoples

On the occasion of the feasts of Newroz, the Kurdistan Liberal Union congratulated Newroz on all the Aryan peoples and the Kurdish people, especially the families of the martyrs.

This came through a statement issued by the Kurdistan Liberal Union, which said:

“Since thousands  of years, the Aryan peoples have been celebrating the feasts of Newroz, and some other peoples imitated them on the same day on this occasion in order to distort it at one time and alter its meaning at another time, but the great Kurdish people have continued to resist against injustice, oppression and tyranny, drawing their strength from the great revolution of Newroz and its leader Kawa al-Haddad who has become a symbol to the Kurds and the voice of freedom. So that, when Afrin has been occupied by the Turkish occupation, the statue of this lofty symbol has been destroyed by the mercenaries, but Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê remain at the top of the priorities of our people and their political movement and the Syrian Democratic Forces until they are liberated from the Turkish occupation state and its sectarian mercenaries.

This year, the feast of Newroz comes as the rest of the years over 2,633 years ago with joys and sorrows, but the will of the Kurdish people remains stronger than sadness, weakness and setbacks, and stronger than the torturers of the era and the usurpers of Kurdistan which will sooner or later be liberated and become a reality and a thorn in the eyes of the chauvinists and the racists as long as Newroz has triumphed and the enemies have been buried under the rubble of this blessed land, so welcome to Newroz as it comes.

We in the Kurdistan Liberal Union congratulate this great holiday for all the Aryan peoples who will celebrate it. We say to our Kurdish people that the truth is alive and does not die, and we pledge to remain loyal to the revolution of Newroz and the blood of the martyrs of the Kurds. We congratulate this holiday for the families of the martyrs first and for each Kurd of Guerilla, Peshmerga, the People Protection Units and Women Protection Units who took up arms against our enemies.”


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