​​​​​​​Kurdistan Community Union salutes Guerilla operations against Turkish occupation army

The co-chair of the Kurdistan Community Union (KCK) issued on Wednesday, May 6th a statement congratulating the Guerrilla men fighters and women fighters for their military actions against the Turkish occupation army and described them as "an obstacle to the AKP government to implement its plans."

The statement said that the authorities of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the National Movement (MHP) are pursuing "dirty policies" against the Kurdish people during which it aims at exterminating the Kurds and encountering the democratic forces that represent them. It added that "the mentality governing Turkey does not want the presence of opposing forces, so the dictatorship is pursuing the means of suppressing any revolutionary forces that stand in the way of their policies. The Guerrilla fighters play an important role in thwarting these plans and policies."

The operation shook the pillars of the fascism

The statement referred to the military operations carried out by Guerrilla fighters  in several areas of north and south of Kurdistan "from Amed and Badalis to Haftanin, Khakurk, Mardin, Bhutan and... These operations which shook the pillars of the fascist authorities and put them in a predicament would lead to the overthrow their regime based on oppression and tyranny. "Therefore, we congratulate these operations and salute the resistance shown by the fighters in the face of the plans of the Turkish state."

The Turkish authorities are spreading false news in order to mislead public opinion

The statement drew attention to the "special war" waged by the Turkish state as well as its barbaric attacks on the Kurdish people, where "the media affiliated with the regime in Turkey publish false facts about the military operations taking place in several areas of north and south of Kurdistan, which are intended to cover up the losses suffered by the occupation army as a result of the painful strikes inflicted on it by the Guerrilla fighters in the field."

"The powers of the Justice and Development Party and the Nationalist Movement are based on misinformation and the dissemination of distorted facts. It is doing its best to stay in power, from repression and dictatorship to arbitrary arrests of opponents and vicious attacks in several regions. "In this sense, we believe that encountering to these authorities is a logical way to spread democracy across the country and rid itself of the fascist mentality."

"In the face of the fascist coup of September 12 that sought to exterminate the Kurds, the Guerrilla fighters began the democratic liberation struggle. Now, in the face of the authorities of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement, the Guerrilla continues their struggle to achieve freedom and democracy, and their resolve will not discourage anything."

Greetings to the fighters

The statement concluded by greeting the Guerrilla fighters "who are confronting the forces of tyranny in several areas of the geography of Kurdistan. To achieve the goals of the martyrs for whom they have given their blood and souls, they are ready to sacrifice with the precious. It is their resistance that will achieve victory for the cause of our Kurdish people."

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