Kurdish street describes who absent Kurdish row unit conference as traitor

The Kurdish street holds high hopes for the Kurdish-Kurdish conference which is supposed to be held in August month, describing who absent of the Kurdish row unit as traitors and traders to the Kurdish issue.

Within the framework of the initiative of the Kurdistan Conference Committee - Rojava After more than 7 months of efforts to hold periodic meetings and visit Kurdish political parties and blocs and civil society institutions in northern and eastern Syria, 28 parties and political blocs recently approved the holding of a Kurdish-Kurdish conference in Rojava gathering all Kurdish political parties.

As for the views and hopes of the Kurdish street on the Kurdish-Kurdish conference aimed at unifying the rank and discourse of the Kurdish, the Hawar news agency (ANHA) monitored the views of some Kurdish citizens in different areas of northern and eastern of Syria, all stressed the need to unify the Kurdish political ranks and political parties in conflict.

Hadiya Shawkat Ali, from Mobata district of Afrin canton in northern Syria, who came out of their areas due to Turkey's occupation of their lands last year, I hope as soon as possible that this conference will take place, which in turn will speed up the expulsion of the enemy from the Kurdish areas, because there is in the unity the power, and no force will be able to dissuade the will of this united people. I also hope that the conference will come out with a unified Kurdish political discourse that will deter the enemies of the Kurds.

The parties and political and social blocs within the initiative of the Kurdistan National Conference - Rojava concluded its meeting held on August 8 this year by approving a conference to unite the Kurdish ranks and the formation of an eight-person committee to make the necessary preparations and approve the draft rules of procedure to be submitted to the conference.

As for the young Kaniwar Ahmed from the city of Qamishlo northeastern Syria, he stressed the need for unity of the Kurdish ranks at the current stage and that the holding of this kind of extended meetings may help in solving the party problems between the Kurdish parties.

On his hopes, Ahmad said, "I hope that the unity of Kurdish political parties, because the people will not tolerate any Kurdish party may cause the division of the people," adding, "The unity of Kurdish political parties means the unity of the people and lead us to victory over the enemy, the division of the Kurdish rank will lead to the victory of the enemy and the defeat of the Kurdish people."

With the aim of achieving Kurdish national unity to ward off the threats to the presence of the Kurdish people in Rojava, a 5-member committee of the National Congress - Rojava, established to communicate with Kurdish political parties, has been continuing its visits to the National Council parties. Kurdish ENKS rejecting the initiative.

Sherifa Khalaf, from the city of Tirbespiyê in the canton of Qamishlo, had another view on this congress to be held soon. `This conference is important, and those who absent of this kind of meetings are traitors to the Kurdish cause and traders of the Kurdish cause, not a defender, '' she said.

The spokesman for the Committee on Relations with Political Parties, Delaware Zangi, explained earlier to the Hawar news agency (ANHA) that "very soon we will bleed good news for our Kurdish people holding the conference, which was able to reunite 28 parties and Kurdish political blocs in Rojava so far."



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