Kurdish Red Crescent receives 40,000 anti-inflammatory syringes

The Kurdish Red Crescent received 40,000 syringes cefotaxime from Başûr (southern Kurdistan), through the Semalka border crossing with Başûr.

On Tuesday noon, a shipment of medical supplies entered the Semalka border crossing into Rojava provided by Başûr, which consists of 40 thousand anti-inflammatory syringes, to the Kurdish Red Crescent.

The administrator of the Kurdish Red Crescent, Delkesh Issa, said that "the shipment will be distributed to the centers of the Kurdish Red Crescent in all regions of north and east Syria, in addition to the free health centers."

"The anti-inflammatory injections will be distributed according to the needs of each center in the cities and towns where the Kurdish Red Crescent centers are located." Issa added.


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