​​​​​​​Kurdish politicians: Unity to determine Kurds' fate

Kurdish politicians pointed out that Kurdish national unity will determine the fate of the Kurds in the region and protect their rights inside and outside Kurdistan.

Voices raise  demanding the unity of the Kurdish ranks for not repeating the old scenarios that the Kurds have faced throughout history, including violations, war crimes, massacres and abusing their rights.

Member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Nihad Ahmed believes that "northeast regions of Syria are going through special circumstances marred by contradictions and conflicts between Kurdish parties in the midst of a general crisis that Syria has been going through for more than 9 years. Now, there are efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis and unity will have an effect on this solution. "

He added, "The unity of the Kurdish rank will have a significant and prominent role in determining the fate of the Kurds within the Syrian issue. Kurds will be able to play a role in the Syrian political solution and end the existing conflict."

Member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party confirmed that the unity would put an end to the Turkish colonial ambitions.

For his part, politician Darwish Karou said, "It was necessary to unify the Kurdish rank since the beginning of the crisis in Syria in order to achieve a clear Kurdish vision and create a framework for protecting the rights of the Kurds inside and outside the country."

 He pointed out that "the most prominent goals of the unity are to end the Turkish arguments in occupying the Kurdish regions, and  send a clear message towards this occupation. Unity will also achieve a popular unity as well, and eliminate discrimination and racism  from partisan affiliations and determine the fate of the Kurds."

Karou stressed at the end of his speech that "People urgently need to achieve national unity  to reach a solution that ends the conflict in the region and demand the rights of the Kurds, whether in Syria or elsewhere. The possibility of communicating their voice and demands to public opinion, and all of this will be achieved by forming a clear political vision The Kurdish question among the Kurdish forces. "



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