Kurdish parties should not make themselves stick in the occupiers' hand


Kurdistan National Congress tried to get unauthorized parties licenses to open offices in north and east Syria. The congress' attempts were met by the Autonomous Administration. The latter agreed to open the offices. This was a good step for the political parties. The Kurdish parties in Bakur (north Kurdistan) also united within the framework of unified action in the upcoming local elections in Turkey and Bakur. The proximity of the Kurdish parties in Bakur was positive. But the Kurdistan National Congress appeal was not answered by the unlicensed parties. Why does everyone see his interest in this appeal, and so far remains without a response by some parties? This question is now raised by all, but there is no realistic answer to it.

Kurdish policy is based on two things, the first is patriotism and the second is the dealing with the occupiers. The Kurds have not yet summarized this duality, which is essentially the product of Kurdish politics. We see a lack of acceptance among the Kurdish parties, when the Kurds want to get closer to each other, the enemies do not allow it.

The enemies of the Kurdish people legislate themselves on the basis of the aid of some Kurds to them, all the enemies of the Kurds were not able to start their occupation of Kurdistan alone. We must see this fact. Kurdish politics is causing massacres against the Kurds.

Afrin is the best proof of what we say. We saw that in Kirkuk after the referendum as well. If the Kurds did not serve the enemies, then such attacks would not happen. The occupiers were not able to hit the Kurds in this way in Afrin and Kirkuk.

There is a paradox and a big rift among the Kurds, the Kurds are consuming all their forces in the service of antagonizing each other, they cannot conduct a correct policy. They must face the incitement.

In Kurdistan, the biggest problem is freedom, but this problem is not among the Kurds, but among the occupiers of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. We must know that if the Kurds do not liberate themselves from the occupation, all the other demands of the Kurdish political parties will serve the enemies and the occupiers, as we saw in Afrin and Kirkuk.

What is required now is for the Kurds to develop a different view, but the Kurdish parties have not taken any steps in this regard. The alliances of the Kurdish parties come within the framework of hostility of some other Kurdish parties and service of the occupiers of Kurdistan, and this becomes a policy that serves the occupiers not the Kurds.

Those who cannot liberate themselves from the paradoxes that do not serve anything cannot hold power or even become opposed to a regime. We will not see any party in power, neither in Bakur, nor in Başûr, Rojhilat or Rojava. Some parties were trying to show themselves as in power, but the truth came out after seeing what happened in Kirkuk after the referendum. That was a big hoax.

Even if some of the Kurdish parties in Rojava are in power, they do not have international acceptance. We do not see any Kurdish party in power. On the contrary, we see that the Kurdish people and the political parties are resisting to guarantee the presence in Rojava, so seeing some parties as opposition parties and others as parties in power, is a big hoax.

We can say that some of the Kurdish parties in Rojava are moving according to the whims of the occupiers, and some parties continue in the struggle march. The important issue is that those parties which cooperate with the occupiers will change their policy or not.

On this issue, so far the Kurdish parties are in error. The initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress, which stipulated the opening of the unlicensed parties to its offices in Rojava and the north and east of Syria, is a positive step, but we have not seen any clear positions or responses by some parties. This means that these parties will continue to move with the enemies and occupiers of Kurdistan. The non-response of those parties to the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress means acceptance of the occupation of Afrin and the displacement of the Kurds, as well as support of the Turkish occupation's mercenaries, who say "we will slaughter the Kurds."



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