Kurdish parties in northern and eastern Syria visit Başûr Kurdistan- UPDAPTED

A delegation of Kurdish political parties in northern and eastern Syria visited Başûr, "southern Kurdistan", with the aim of reaching Kurdish unity and condemning the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Başûr Kurdistan.

On Wednesday, a delegation of Kurdish political parties operating within the Autonomous Administration of Northern, Eastern Syria arrived in the city of Sulaymaniyah in Başûr, "southern Kurdistan".

The visit will continue for several days, where he will meet with a number of Kurdish political parties and organizations in Başûr Kurdistan, to reach Kurdish national unity.

The visiting delegation noted that, in the sensitive phase of the region, we must accelerate the achievement of national unity.

The delegation also noted that the Turkish occupation's attacks on the gains of the Kurdish people will be one of the main axes to be discussed and a firm stance on them.

According to an informed source, the delegation of the Kurdish parties consists of the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party Shahoz Hassan, the Secretary General of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria Jamal Sheikh Baki, the secretary of the Kurdish Leftist Party in Syria Mohammed Musa Mohammed, the head of the Kurdish Alliance in Syria Mustafa Mashaykh.


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