​​​​​​​Kurdish Parliamentarian: women’s agreement, unity to eliminate authoritarian mentality

The spokeswoman for the Parliament in Ile city in Bakur Kurdistan, Aisha Ajar Basharan, criticized the politics and mentality of the Justice and Development Government against women, likened its mentality to the mentality of ISIS mercenaries, and said that the violations that it practiced against women in the occupied areas of Syria are evidence of its powerlessness before the women’s will in Rojava Revolution.

Violence against women increases every day despite the states’ claims that they have laws to protect the rights of women and children, especially the violations and pressures that the Turkish government exerts in its country and in the areas it occupies in Syria.

Statistics indicate the increase in cases of killing women, physical and psychological violence, kidnappings and rape day after day in the cities and towns of Turkey, as more than 146 women were exposed during the current year, 2020, to various forms of violence, most of them killing, and the Turkish occupation violated the rights of more than 1,564 women in the occupied areas in Syria.

The Turkish government opposes women’s role in politics and municipal administration in Bakur Kurdistan, attacked the centers of the Free Women Movement and Rosa Center, and arrested dozens of political activists, in addition to the ongoing detention campaigns that affect women in Bakur Kurdistan.

On the Justice and Development Government’s policy and mentality against women, our agency held a meeting with the spokesperson for the Women’s Council and the parliamentarian of Ile city in Bakur Kurdistan, Aisha Ajar Basharan.

Aisha Ajar Basharan emphasized that research must be done on violence against women in the history of the state that proves its authority and hegemony by weakening women and making them slaves, pointed to the increase in the phenomenon and cases of violence in light of the domination of authoritarian mentality, and she made clear that the mentality of all countries of the world does not differ in attacking and pressuring women .

She added: “The attacks launched on the areas of northern and eastern Syria by ISIS, and its practices against women from killing, rape, assault and selling in the markets clarify the authoritarian mentality applied against women.”

She pointed out that there are two lines in the world that fight each other, the first is the authoritarian and racist mentality, and the other is the democratic nation that we saw an example applied during the Rojava Revolution, which flourished more with the women’s management of the revolution.

Aisha Basharan criticized the Justice and Development Party’s policy, saying: “In the personality of the Justice and Development Party which has assumed power since 2002, male mentality is practiced with great violence against women, and day after day, cases of violence in all its forms increase under its rule. The attack that launched on women’s personality in 2015 in the cities and towns of Bakur Kurdistan and targeting the organizational movement directly illustrates the government’s inability to face the will of women.”

She noted that the cases of homicides in the streets and alleys are on the rise, until they have become apparent, while the Turkish government pressures women’s movements and organizations in Bakur and Turkey by banning their activities and arresting dozens of activists.

Aisha affirmed that the government tolerated criminals, especially women and children killers without implementing severe penalties against them, and added: “This was clear by the release of women and children killers only during the crisis of the emergence of the new Corona virus, and the keeping of women politicians and activists in prison.”

Aisha Ajar Basharan described the Justice and Development Party’s policy as “the anti-women policy,” and its mentality as “the mentality of ISIS mercenaries’.”

Aisha talked about the unity that appeared between Kurdish and Turkish women after the Justice and Development Party attacked the Free Woman Movement, and Rosa Movement by expressing a strict stance, and considering that this attack targets the will of women.

Aisha Ajar Basharan, the spokesperson for the Women’s Council and the parliamentarian for the city of Ile in Bakur Kurdistan concluded her speech by affirming that women will reach one agreement and organize their ranks more in the near future, and thus will eliminate the authoritarian mentality and make of the 21st century a freedom and struggle for women.



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